This beautiful Stinson organ is approximately 14’ wide by 8’ tall and 5’ deep. It weighs a little over a ton!
This mechanical instrument was built by the Stinson Organ Company in Bellefontaine, Ohio and completed in 2001.

Don Stinson along with the help of five other people built this instrument from predominantly birch and oak at his shop.

It took a number of years to complete because Dr. Ted requested Mr. Stinson’s latest innovations to be added to the organ. The change orders added to the build time but were well worth it.

The Stinson has a beautifully decorated hand painted facade with ornate filigree. Lights, drums and castenets add to the fantastic sound of this organ.

It plays with a paper roll that uses the Wurlitzer 165 scale. This particular model was built to play on a lower air pressure (5 inches of water), making it more enjoyable for indoor use.
Click here to see and hear the Stinson Organ play!
This detail photo shows the bass drum and cymbal along with a closer view of the ornate carving and custom painting.