Close-up of carved figure, scrollwork and wooden pipes that create the beautiful sound that emanates from the De Roze Roos when it plays.
De Roze Roos or ’the pink rose’ is a Dutch street organ, built by A.J. van Veen in Rotterdam in 1952.

It made its way to the US and into the hands of a collector friend of Dr. Ted’s. He purchased it from him in 1980. It’s been restored by Dr. Ted and others.

The organ plays with cardboard books with punched holes and operates similar to a player piano.

While traveling in Europe, Dr. Ted was able to meet the organ’s builder at his home in Holland in 1982.
De Roze Roos, (The Pink Rose) a Dutch street organ built around 1950 by a man named A.J. van Veen in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
In the years following Dr. Ted’s visit, Mr. van Veen continued to punch new cardboard music for the organ and send it to the US for the organ to play. The De Roze Roos is powered by hand by turning a large flywheel in the back of the organ.

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