This Caliola, an air driven wooden pipe calliope, is a reproduction of a Wurlitzer used in the early 1900’s. A unique circus band organ complete with a bass drum and a snare drum has a softer sound than the steam calliope.

These organs were used by amusement parks, circuses, skating rinks, carousels and as outdoor advertising to attract crowds with its beautiful tones and musical effects. It was made for Dr. Ted by the Stinson Organ Company of Ohio and still plays the original music!

Click here to see and hear it play.
This Caliola built by the Stinson Organ Company is a reproduction of a Wurlitzer Band Organ. Franz Wurlitzer and his sons became the leading instrument manufacturers and retailers in this country. By 1925 they had 18 different styles of band organs in production. They discontinued the manufacture of these mechanical band organs in 1939.