Originally built by the Limonaire Brothers who were based in France during the 19th and early 20th centuries. Joseph concentrated on the piano business and Antoine continued to expand into organ building.

They attended many international exhibitions and were awarded 29 medals for their instruments. The brothers filed patents for 12 inventions and 1 brand name, the Orchestrophone.

Early Limonaire organs were of the pinned cylinder type. From the late 1890’s onward, most were of the folding cardboard or "book" system.

This particular organ was bought sight unseen from a carnival promoter in Hawaii. Dr. Ted and a friend restored the organ, even making a few of the missing pieces. The original art on the painted panels was saved.

This musical marvel is fully operational, and you can watch the ’book music’ being fed into the machine while it plays itself!

You just can’t stand still when the Limonaire plays...
Limonaire Freres organs were mainly used in outdoor fairground attractions and carousels.
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’LeSiffleur et son chien’